Full Shine 24 Inch Seamless Tape in Hair Extensions Human Hair Color 4 Fading to 24 Highlight 4 Medium Brown Balayage Tape in Hair Extensions 20 Pcs 50 Grams Double Sided Hair Extensions Tape in

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  • [Natural Look] One Of The Points Of Tape In Hair Extensions Is The Natural Look They Provide. With The Hair Weft Attached To A Thin Strip Of Adhesive, They Blend Seamlessly Into The Wearer's Hair. Unlike Other Extensions That Can Be Bulky Or Noticeable, Tape-Ins Lay Flat Against The Scalp And Mimic The Natural Flow Of Hair. They're Designed To Be Undetectable And Can Even Be Worn In A Variety Of Hairstyles, Including High Ponytails Or Braids Without Revealing The Bonds.
  • [Lightweight And Comfortable] Tape In Hair Extensions Are Lightweight And Comfortable To Wear, Making Them Easy To Wear For Extended Periods Of Time. Because The Hair Is Distributed Evenly Across A Wide Weft And Attached With A Thin Strip Of Adhesive, These Extensions Don't Weigh The Scalp Down. This Comfort Level Makes Them Ideal For Anyone, Regardless Of Hair Thickness Or Texture. You Might Even Forget You’Re Wearing Them!
  • [Minimal Damage]Tape In Extensions Are Non-Damaging. As These Extensions Don't Involve Any Heat Or Glue For Attachment, They Cause The Least Amount Of Stress And Damage To Your Natural Hair. This Is Particularly Important For Those Who Have Fine Or Thin Hair And Want To Avoid Any Further Hair Breakage Or Damage.
  • [Reusability] The Reusability Of Tape In Extensions Adds To Their Appeal. Once The Adhesive Loses Its Stickiness, The Extensions Can Easily Be Removed, Cleaned, Re-Taped, And Then Re-Applied. We Recommend Replacing The Tape With A New One Every 4 To 6 Weeks.
  • [Easy Maintenance] Unlike Other Extension Methods, Tape In Require Minimal Upkeep. You Can Wash, Blow-Dry, Straighten, And Curl Your Hair As You Normally Would. They Can Be Washed And Styled Just Like Your Natural Hair, Reducing Any Additional Care Routines Or Products.
  • [Hair Material] Fshine Hair Extensions Are Made Of Real Human Hair, No Synthetic Hair Or Animal Hair. Ensuring A Natural And Comfortable Look. He Cuticles Are Kept Intact And Not Stripped. This Means Our Extensions Not Only Look Real And Healthy But Also Feel Real And Tangle-Free. Because Of The Real Human Hair Material, You Can Treat These Extensions Just Like Your Own Hair. Feel To Curl, Straighten, Or Even Dye Them!
  • [Thickness Boost] If You are Dealing With Thin Or Thinning Hair, Our Tape In Hair Extensions Are Your Solution. They Instantly Add Volume And Length To Your Hair, Giving You A Full And Voluminous Look.
  • [Available In Various Colors] Our Tape In Hair Extensions Are Available In A Wide Variety Of Colors. Whether You Want Extensions That Match Your Hair Color For A Natural Look Or You're Looking To Add A Pop Of Color For A Bold New Style, We Have You Covered. We Offer A Wide Range Of Colors To Choose From Hair Extensions Tape In, Ensuring That You Can Find The Good Match For Your Natural Hair.