Family Life Resurrection Eggs β€” 12 Piece Easter Eggs Set with Booklet and Religious Figurines Inside β€” Tells The Story of Easter β€” Easter Eggs With Toys Inside β€” Eggs For Easter Egg Hunts

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  • FamilyLife’s The Resurrection Eggs For Kids: Create lasting memories and bring your family together as you celebrate Easter with an exciting egg hunt tradition. These Easter Resurrection eggs come with a storybook, Easter story symbols, stickers, and access to videos from The Jesus Film Project to create a fun, truth-filled Easter interaction.
  • Complete Easter Story: Our Resurrection eggs Easter story comes with a beautifully illustrated, bilingual storybook (English & Spanish) that tells the story of Jesus' death and Resurrection in a fun and easy-to-understand way. This Resurrection egg set also includes access videos to The Jesus Film Project to enhance conversations with your child. These tools help parents teach the true meaning of Easter and why it is an important holiday.
  • Variety of Biblical symbols: Resurrection Eggs for Kids Family Life set includes 12 brightly colored plastic eggs, each with a unique symbol that depicts different parts of Jesus’ life and death, including the Last Supper, the crucifixion, and the resurrection. This, along with the set of colorful Easter story stickers helps to bring the story to life and encourages children to engage with the story.
  • Meaningful Christian Gifts: Our plastic Easter eggs are perfect to use at home, Sunday School, children’s ministry, and more. This set makes for wonderful Easter gifts for families with young children (ages 3+).
  • About Us: At FamilyLife, we create content and experiences to help families pursue the relationships that matter most and grow more fulfilling lives, with each other, and their communities. We understand there is a gap between the intentions we have for our families and what we actually experience in life. But this isn’t what we were made for. Instead, we believe God made us to live in perfect community with Him and each other. We believe He has the resources and tools for us to bridge the gapβ€”to make our intentions match the reality of our relationships